SOFA 2.0 Editor - GUI Repository Designer for Eclipse



SOFA 2.0 repository editor v. 1.3.0 released. Changes »


SOFA 2.0 repository editor v. 1.0.149 released.


Work on the plug-in is started. History »


Compiling and installation

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OSGI Framework

Eclipse plugin basics

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SWT draw basics

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SWT Linux/Windows differences

Author MaViNes (c)

SOFA 2.0 editor v. 1.3.0 released. The new version introduces IDE plug-ins for Eclipse and many new features and enhancements. What's New »

Sofaclipse is a graphical designer for SOFA 2.0 compatible component storage repositories.
It supports graphic editing and provides easy to use features for creating, linking, designing and managing new components in repositories.

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