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SOFA 2.0 repository editor v. 1.3.0 released. Changes »


SOFA 2.0 repository editor v. 1.0.149 released.


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Installation Guide       

To install the plugin you should:

1. Download SOFA Repository with cushion extention. SOFA web page

2. Build and deploy Repository Server

3. Run Eclipse and install plug-in from the remote site:

  • open Help->Software Updates -> find and install;
  • Choose Search for new features to install;
  • Click 'New Remote Site';
  • Set URL to:;
  • Set Name to: SOFA 2.0 Repository Editor;
  • Click ok and then Finish;
  • Accept all terms and agreements and install all listed features from the plug-in
  • You will be prompted for permission to install not signet Eclipse plug-in. Just click 'Install All'
  • Restart Eclipse (you will be prompted after the plug-in is installed)
  • Open SOFA 2.0 perspective

This is the 1st and very easy step.
After you clicked on the 'find and install' menu, this screen shell appear.
Coose the 'New remote site' button like at the displayed screen;
Eclipse will control if all fields are not empty.
After you've clicked 'Finish', you should see this dialog. Tick the check box at the opened window;
Choose 'I accept the terms of the license agreement'
This is inforamtion dialog (it is not recommended to change location), just click 'Finish' to continue; After that choose 'Install all'
To open perspective choose 'Window->Open Perspective->Other'. Then you shell see this screen.
To open perspective choose 'Window->Open Perspective->Other'. Then you shell see this screen.

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