SOFA 2.0 Editor - GUI Repository Designer for Eclipse



SOFA 2.0 repository editor v. 1.3.0 released. Changes »


SOFA 2.0 repository editor v. 1.0.149 released.


Work on the plug-in is started. History »


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OSGI Framework

Eclipse plugin basics

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SWT draw basics

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SWT Linux/Windows differences

Author MaViNes (c)

To jenerate Javadoc for an Eclipse project you should:
1. Open Eclipse IDE
2. Open needed project and select the src folder
3. Open the Javadoc wizard from Eclipse's top menu ?
4. In the wizard select the folder to be used for Javadocs
5. Then click the Next button and set additional parameters for JavaDoc generation
6. Click the Next button and choose if it is required to generate Ant build file. Set the name of the Ant build file.
7. Click Finish and JavaDoc will be generated to the indicated folder.
Go to the Project->Generate Javadoc... menu
Set the name for java doc folder (or use the default doc/ folder)
Set additional options for java doc generation.
Choose if it is required to generate Ant JavaDoc build file. If you use ant build file for JavaDoc generation you should be sure the javadoc executable file is in your path.

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