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Chapter 3. Working with the plug-in.

3.1 Checking proper install of the plug-in.

When the plug-in is installed it is required to check, if it is running properly. There are several contributions which are visible just on the start-up of the Eclipse IDE. When the plug-in is properly installed it contributes to the main toolbar. The new 'Save all changes to repository server' button is added to it. It should be visible between other buttons.

toolbar contribution
img 3.1 - toolbar contribution.

The next way to check the proper installation of the plug-in is to open Help -> About Eclipse platform and click the plug-in details button.
About Eclipse dialog
img 3.2 - About Eclipse dialog.

Then in the list of plug-in it should be visible the SOFA 2.0 Repository editor loaded plug-in. The provider is
About Eclipse Platform Plug-ins list
Img 3.3 - About Eclipse Platform Plug-ins list.

Also the SOFA projects list of wizards should be visible in the File->Other menu.
SOFA Project list of wizards
img 3.4 - SOFA Project list of wizards.

If all of those contributions are visible the plug-in is successfully installed and is ready to work. Now we can create the first repository project or the first cushion project. But it is required to open the SOFA 2.0 perspective in order to see all views properly located. The concept of Eclipse perspectives allows to group needed views using placeholders or direct location pointers. The only problem is that the editor area is one for all of perspectives. So if we use the editor area we should share it with all other perspectives.

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