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3.2 SOFA 2.0 perspective

In order to open any perspective in the Eclipse IDE it is required to use Window -> Open perspective dialog. It shows all available perspectives. We need to open the SOFA 2.0 perspective. Just follow those steps: Window -> Open perspective -> Other and in the opened dialog choose the 'SOFA 2.0' perspective

open SOFA 2.0 perspective
img 3.5 - open SOFA 2.0 perspective.

When the perspective is open, four views and package explorer are visible. In fact that is enough to work with the plug-in. When working with cushion extension it is also required to use the editor part, but it is not visible in the default perspective view to keep layout more accurate and to give more space to other views.

The opened views are: Repository view (tree view of architectures and frames stored on the repository server), GUI Editor - draw area, where all graphics representations of repository objects are drawn, Properties view - the view gives possibility to edit properties of entities which are selected at the draw area by mouse click or move. It is used only when needed to edit properties of object which are taken directly from the repository server, not from a cushion project. Cushion view - the area where all cushion generated entities are drawn. It has a bit different architecture than the GUI editor. To read more about this please refer to the developer's manual which should be supplied with this manual or refer to the online developer's documentation. The package explorer is open to browse and manage cushion projects.

SOFA 2.0 perspective
img 3.6 - SOFA 2.0 perspective.

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